UK Repatriation and Cremated Remains Transportation

Now you can arrange the simple Direct Cremation with us at a total cost of £1250

Cost-effective Simple Cremation £1250

Direct Cremation, Pure Cremation, Simple Cremation, and No Attended Cremation are the names of the same service.
If you're seeking an inexpensive option for cremation, our basic service may be ideal for you. We'll transport your loved one directly from the hospital or mortuary to the crematorium for the early morning cremation, and you'll receive the ashes as soon as possible (at least 24 hours after the cremation). To arrange this service, simply call us and we will take you through entire process.
Please note, you have to pay the cremation fees (which are deducted from the total price of £1250) and we can discuss payment of any remaining balance. Our goal is to make the cremation process as simple and stress-free as possible for you.

How it works

We are searching for early morning timeslots at nearby crematoriums within the Scottish borders, specifically for your home address. Once the cremation is complete, the ashes will be promptly delivered to your chosen address within the mainland and Scottish borders at no extra charge. If you prefer delivery to a different address, that is also an option. However, for delivery to places outside of Scotland (England, Wales, and the Isles), additional fees may apply based on mileage and ferry costs.

When you receive the ashes, they will be in the original container given by the Crematorium. You have the option to purchase a customized casket from your local Funeral Director or online providers. During the arrangements, we can assist you in choosing a casket. Unfortunately, we cannot provide services to those classified as bariatric. This is not because we do not want to help, but because not every deceased person can be cremated. When you make your initial call, we will ask you questions and feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you change your mind during our meeting, we will charge you a fee of £0.75 per mile from Aberdeen to the appointment address, according to Google Maps and both ways.

Your loved one will be taken from the Hospital or Public Mortuary on the day before the cremation in the basic, classic-looking coffin fitted with an engraved nameplate and 4 handles.

You may be eligible for financial help (Scotland only)
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Cost-effective Simple Cremation £1250 inclusive

  • Arrangements at the address suitable for You
  • Cremation Fees (this part must be paid by you directly to the Crematorium Operator at the time of arrangement) 
  • Documentation Management
  • Basic but stylish coffin with 4 handles and engraved nameplate
  • Transfer from mortuary to Crematorium
  • Collection of Ashes
  • Cremains delivery within 14 days to any mainland address within Scottish borders ( timescale doesn't apply to Procurator Fiscal cases)
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