First things first

Our services apply to deaths that occur in Hospitals or to deceased resting in Public Mortuaries only. We do not provide services for those who passed away at home.

We at Lukaservices understand that arranging the funeral of a loved one is not the easiest thing to do. We will try to take you through the entire process with understanding, patience and dignity.

In the event of losing a loved one, please reach out to us whenever you feel ready to talk. There is no need to rush, we are here. Take this moment for self-reflection, spend time with family or friends, or simply rest.

The Charge Nurse or the police will contact the nearest relative or next of kin and arrange a convenient time for them to attend the hospital.

If you are the nearest relative or next of kin, you may be asked to:

  • Identify the body, if the person was not a patient of the hospital.
  • Consider authorising a post-mortem examination, although such authorisation is not needed when a post-mortem is legally required.
  • Provide the documents needed to allow you to take away any personal possessions.
  • Tell the hospital staff if you know that the person wants to donate parts of their body for transplantation.
  • Let the hospital staff know if the body is to be donated to medical science.
  • Contact a funeral director (undertaker) who will arrange for the laying out of the body.
  • Find out if there is a will, and if so, where it is and who is responsible for dealing with it.
  • Get a death certificate.
  • You have to register the death

Please check our page "Registration"